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Your Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Dear family,

We understand that submitting to the perfect will of God is not always easy, and the most difficult instance is when a loved one transitions. That's where we step in, because we are (and will remain) an independent, family-owned and operated company. We have the flexibility and willingness to guide and assist you in creating the most fitting and beautiful service that will be remembered and cherished. 


Our very capable staff of professional personnel and specialized scientists hold advanced degrees and experience in mortuary science, psychology, theology, cremation operations, and public service, to ensure that every single step of this process is handled by a knowledgeable and compassionate expert. All of whom, are here to ensure you that while traveling through what maybe your darkest hour, the team that you have chosen to help you through this journey is not only willing - but also able.

At Kendal Wade Funeral Home, we promise to provide you with the highest level of compassionate care and respect. For nearly 20 years, we have a tradition of providing quality services starting with your initial phone call, continuing past the final committal or interment service - because once you chose us, you become a part of our family. 

We do not consider this to be just a funeral home, but a ministry as well. And in that spirit it is our duty to do the heavy lifting - to give your family more time to focus on their healing while celebrating your loved one’s life. We would be honored to help preserve and celebrate your family’s legacy.

Yours in Service,

KW Signature_edited.png

Founder - Owner

Cares all Past - Home at Last -  Ever to Rejoice.



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